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Solar IS regulated in ID

Consumers need to be aware of the Idaho “Residential Solar Energy System Disclosure Act” that governs the way Solar companies can do business in the state of Idaho.  Make sure you ask your Solar provider if they comply with these very specific standards.


Idaho Legislation Title 48 Chapter 18 Residential Solar Energy System Disclosure Act – Passed in 2019


IDAHO is the 9th ranked State for Solar irradiance and prime for renewable energy markets.

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New Homes

Significant tax incentives are available for adding Solar during the construction of your new home.

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New legislation

The Inflation Reduction Act increased the Federal tax credit to 30% until 2032 with a chance to reach 50% for some situations

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All roof types

Seasoned Solar installers know how to install Solar on any type of roof. There are tax incentives available for repairing/replacing your roof when adding Solar.

Honest Reviews

“They worked seamlessly with my roofing contractor to get my new roof installed and they hit their installation targets perfectly. I now have a new roof and a functioning system that met my expectations. If you are looking to get a system installed, I would definitely recommend working with them…”

– Jeff Hunter, Boise

“The entire process was a very positive experience. Dan and his team remained available and engaged even after the project was over. Another pleasant surprise was the professionalism and friendliness of the install crew. Really a great team throughout…”

– JR RigErToFlip, Meridian